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Home Seller & Home Buyer

Home Builder & Developers 

Our service purchasing options are flexible and can save you money, time, and energy by making smart decisions.

Realtors – When selling your valued clients home you can reassure them essential cleaning can be looked after for them. And, when moving to their destination home they will not have to worry because you have looked after the cleaning and disinfecting for them.

Home Sellers – With our services you can rest easy knowing when you walk out of your original home we have looked after the cleaning and disinfecting for the new homeowners. You can move on with ease.

 Home Buyers – There is nothing better when you move into your new home knowing you don’t have to clean and disinfect before unpacking. It is now safe for your family to move into. We have your home looked after from top to bottom and in between.

Collaboration – Here’s a new concept for you. You move out and should clean and disinfect. When you move into your new home you need to clean and disinfect to be sure your family is safe. How about sharing in the cost? Get our essential cleaning & disinfection package and share the cost. Most sellers want basic cleaning, right? We offer more at a reasonable price. 

Home Builder & Developers  – As a home builder the turnover of a clients new home is an enjoyable and exciting process. The last thing on the checklist is making sure that the home is clean and disinfected, and that is where we come in. We make sure the home is handover ready! 

Buyers want more so we have other services they can purchase. Check it out. We are all in this together to keep everyone safe against viruses, germs, and molds.



$ 400 Starting at
  • Add value with professional safe home cleaning.


$ 200 Starting at
  • Clean your homes once with a professional company, share the costs and protect all families from harmful viruses, germs and bacteria.

Buyer & Seller

$ 400 Starting at
  • Essential services designed just for you and your family